The League is going to hear about this

by Greg in

Check out the Summer Stock column in the Aug. 28-Sept. 10 issue of Baseball America. John Manuel writes a great column entitled, "Cape Cod all-star game proves disappointing for both scouts and fans."

Seems that the reported 80 scouts on hand were "vexed" by seeing position players called into pitch before the "quiet" crowd. Scouts were headed for the exits by the seventh inning due to the lack of quality pitching and the failure of players to run out ground balls. The excuse: weather. The season's unusual number of rainouts lead to an unusual number of double-headers toward the end of the season and, hence, pressure to save young arms for the playoffs.

"I've never seen anything like it, and I think I can speak for the other scouts that we're all very disappointed," one scout told Manuel.

"This is about as bad as I've seen it for an all-star game. The league is probably going to hear about this from the clubs," according to one veteran scouting director.

Who knew?

Looking back at my Cape Cod Times and Falmouth Enterprise coverage of the All-Star game there is little mention of the brewing controversy. In his July 30th coverage of the game, CC Times sports columnist Russ Charpentier chose to focus on the positives of the game, only mentioning in brief the "farcical" use of position players to pitch.

The Falmouth paper just ran a nice photo of Brad Chalk, who was named the all-star MVP for the west division.

The disappointing all-star game may be the topic of conversations this winter with league commissioner Paul Gaolp.

Hope someone writes about the outcome of those discussions.