The Brackman Strategy Revisited

by Greg in

My recent post, "Looking Ahead to the '07 CCBL Season" (10/16/06) was confusing with respect to Andrew Brackman. A friend commented tonight that Brackman has decided to stick with college baseball and not play basketball. That is correct. My point was that Brackman has decided on baseball rather than basketball, and we don’t know yet if he will return to the CCBL in '07. I wrote this: "The final decision appears to be that he will sit out basketball and focus on baseball."

Since Brackman is eligible for the draft in June and the Cape season begins in June there is always a dance at this point in any stellar college career. Many of the top college-age players today will negotiate their pro contracts while playing their last season on the Cape. So chances are he will play another Cape season while negotiating his contract. Pro scouts love to see them after the college season in a wooden bat league with an intensive travel schedule. They love to see how college players perform in pro-like conditions in the middle of summer. It helps to answer questions they have earlier during the spring.

This may mean the best GMs on the Cape won’t take him because they know he will likely cut and run during the summer months if he gets the right deal and the right slot in the pro draft.