'06 World Series Players Remember the Cape

by Greg in

UPDATE! The Cape Cod Baseball League factored heavily in the final moments of the 2006 World Series. The winning pitcher, Jeff Weaver, played on the Cape as reported earlier. And the final two Tiger batters of any consequence were Brandon Inge, who struck out swinging, and Ramon Santiago who pinch ran for Sean Casey’s 9th inning double. Inge and Casey were stars on the Cape. * * * * * * * Brandon Inge and Sean Casey of the Detroit Tigers and Jeff Weaver of the St. Louis Cardinals reportedly reminisced this week at the World Series about their time in the Cape Cod Baseball League.

The Detroit News wrote on Oct. 27th that Inge had already faced Weaver at the plate prior to the 2006 World Series. The News reports that Inge doesn't want to do what he did the first time he ever faced Weaver. "I played against him in the Cape Cod League," Inge said. "I think it was 1997. The funny thing was he threw a no-hitter against us and he struck me out three times on nine pitches -- three pitches each time. (NOTE: In the World Series tonight Inge doubled to deep left off Weaver in the 3rd inning on his first at-bat. He also stuck out swinging and grounded out to the catcher off Weaver.) The pitcher who was pitching for us, Matt Birch, threw a one-hitter, but the one hit was a home run, so Weaver beat us 1-0.”

The San Diego Union-Tribune reported on Oct. 26th that long before he attained All-Star status, Casey was so friendly to fans of the Cape Cod League that Brewster (Mass.) manager Mike Kirby was moved to remind him that he was a ballplayer and not the mayor. Casey has been known as “The Mayor” ever since. Another remnant of that Cape Cod summer is a friendship that has kept the 32-year-old infielder involved in a hot meal program in Lawrence, Mass., though he now plays in Michigan and resides in Florida.