Top 11 List of CCBL Web Sites

by Greg in

It’s difficult to arrive at many good web sites devoted to the Cape Cod Baseball League, much less a top 10 list of CCBL web sites. Nevertheless, Cod Ball has uncovered 11 worthwhile websites for the CCBL enthusiast. I’ve also managed to rank them.

The recent induction of players to the Cape Cod Baseball League Hall of Fame reminds us that this is a special amateur baseball experience. Websites like those below help us follow the league closely, even from afar. As Yankee great Steve Balboni said during his 2006 induction to the Hall of Fame last week:

''I went on to play Major League Baseball, but I think the most fun I had in baseball was in the Cape League,'' Balboni said.

Here are some favorite CCBL websites.

Top 11 CCBL links

11. Cod Ball (by Greg Shaw) -- I am ranking myself least among these. I’m just starting out as a regular observer of the CCBL league.

10. North Carolina (54-15) – UNC placed second in the College World Series and is likely to be the source of some top talent for the CCBL this summer. You also can’t leave out Rice (57-13) --

9. Oregon State (50-16) – We enjoyed watching several Beavers in Falmouth last summer just after Oregon State won the College World Series.

8. Blogging at the Ballyard (by Steve Weissman) -- The author of Beach Chairs and Baseball Bats keeps up his interest in the CCBL on Ballyard --

7. Andrew Wirtanen -- -- Andrew is one of the keenest observers of the Cape league and a very capable web and blog developer.

6. Google Alert -- – Hey, there is a shortage of great websites to visit for CCBL. Google Alerts allows you to program in your specific interests about the CCBL and Google will send to your email inbox any news articles published on the web.

5. Wikipedia -- -- The Wikipedia editor for the CCBL has done a nice job of capturing the encyclopedic essentials of the league. Click on external links and find yours truly.

4. Wareham Gatemen -- -- The Gatemen are the only team in the CCBL that seem to take their online presence truly seriously. Andrew and I have both observed this independently. I would love to put my favorite team, the Commodores, here but the Gatemen simply put more emphasis into their online audience.

3. Cape Cod Times Sports Page -- -- During the regular season there is no better source of news and information. Russ Charpentier does a great job following the league in his column.

2. The CCBL -- -- The CCBL could definitely improve upon its website but the current CCBL site deserves the #2 slot for two pieces of functionality in particular – SportsTicker team and player statistics and Cape Cod Baseball Broadcast Network.

1. Baseball America – The college section of Baseball America is my vote for most valuable website from a CCBL perspective. Look over my postings and you will see ample citations. --

What are your favorite CCBL-related websites?