Students Build a New Field of Dreams for the Bourne Braves

by Greg in

According to Boston’s CBS Channel 4, students at Upper Cape Tech have constructed a new state-of-the-art ball field for the Bourne Braves. My son and his best Cape buddy attended the 2005 Braves v. Ketleers playoff game at the old Bourne field. To this day, they say it was their favorite. But while the old field near Bourne Bridge holds some fond memories, it sounds like the new ballpark is a must-see for Cape fans this coming summer. The Yawkey Foundation, which contributed to this project and other Cape baseball capital projects, continues to donate generously and wisely to the improvement of the Cape League and amateur baseball

Here are some excerpts from the CBS 4 report: -“It is the newest, and arguably, the highest quality baseball field in the entire Cape Cod league. And who do you think built it? -- A professional landscaping company? No. Kids did.” -"I think we did a hell of a job -- came together real good," said one student who helped with the project.-"Our students have done probably 80 percent of the work," said Superintendent Kevin Farr. -“The students at Upper Cape Tech took on the challenge of building a new filed for the Bourne Braves -- from the electronic scoreboard, to the blue grass sod to the press box.”