Cotuit Takes Y-D’s Bianucci for 2007 Roster

by Greg in

A CodBall reader on Friday alterted us in his post about an “interesting” change in the Cotuit Ketleers’ 2007 roster. It seems that Cotuit has taken for its own a 2006 Y-D Red Sox player – Mike Bianucci, a left-fielder for Auburn. Bianucci batted .258 last season for Yarmouth. From the look of his stats he started just 5 games but managed 89 at-bats and so must have served as a pretty good bat-off-the-bench. His .449 SLG and .340 OBP could indicate Cotuit saw more of a role for the sophomore out of Fairfax, VA. Though his player bio at Auburn shows LF as his position, Cotuit has listed him as a possible First Baseman, evidence they are looking for hitting skills (he had just one start at first last season in Y-D).

CCBL All-Stars Reese Havens and Justin Smoak (photo right) return to Cotuit along with last season’s teammates Tony Delmonico, Michael Cisco and Dave Duncan.

Pitchers Jordan Meaker and Josh Lindenblom also return. For some reason Josh is listed as playing for Purdue in ’07 but by all indications he is still with Tennesse.

Dave B. also pointed out to CodBall Cotuit's acquisition of Robert Stock, a hot property (C/RHP) beginning his collegiate career at USC. Baseball America reported back in August that the 16-year-old Stock is missing his senior year in high school to play for the Trojans, long an MLB breeding ground.

Only Freshmen and Sophomores have been named so far. Last season Cotuit had a couple of juniors, including All-Star Sean Gaston of Notre Dame. Cotuit also looses 3 other All-Stars who are juniors this year. CCBL managers are often concerned about bringing too many juniors on board for fear they will be taken in the June pro draft.

Readers, keep up the good work and notify us right away when you see something we’re missing.