Should Zito Donate a Little of the $100M to the CCBL?

by Greg in

I just wonder if the MLB millionaires who played their last amateur games on the Cape give back to the Cape League? I think one of the largest segments of philanthropy these days is professionals who give back to their universities. Shouldn’t the CCBL get a little of the $100 million some MLB team will pay for Barry Zito’s (photo right) talents? One percent is a million!

Russ Charpentier’s column this weekend about Barry Zito’s time with the Wareham Gatemen in 1997-98 coincides with the Zen pitcher’s search for a new home. Texas has already declared its intention to be a finalist, but my home team – the Mighty Mariners – also remain in contention. (I can tell you that there is a steady drumbeat out here in the Northwest to sign a big-name pitcher.)

Mr. Zito continues to grace the Gatemen website. His two shutout games remains among the best for the team, and his 81 strikeouts are still among the most in Gatemen history. Check out Zito’s blog, where during this fall's playoffs he speculated about the current trade.

“People are already talking about where I'm going to play next year, and what's going to be the deciding factor and all this other stuff, but I can't even think about any of that right now. I need to focus on gathering my emotions right now and putting everything in check.”

According to ESPN, Zito's agent, Scott Boras, did his best to stir up business by sending signals that teams like the Rangers, Mariners and Giants can't wait to give Zito $100 million. But all of those teams were sounding more cautious privately than Boras was making them out to be publicly.

We will hear the result between now and the New Year. The season of giving!