Hyannis Mets Lighting System is Being Installed!

by Andrew in

Work is underway at the end of High School Road in Hyannis on the new lighting system at McKeon Park. The Park had lights before, but they fell into disrepair (Weissman, 2005). The new lights are funded by a Yawkey Foundation grant and will push all game start times in Hyannis to 7pm. The grant also was put toward the brick backstop, which was installed for the 2006 season. The lights were supposed to be installed for the 2006 season (in fact, all printed schedules had 7pm start times for Hyannis home games), but could not be due to weather conditions.

Hyannis is home to some of the least attended Cape League games and the re-addition of lights is hopefully going to boost the numbers. In my opinion, I don't think lights will boost numbers dramatically, and I think that a re-working of the area east of the field should be considered to grab the people coming off the ferries. Still, one of my best memories of is seeing the 4th of July fireworks from McKeon Park while watching a Mets night game. This year Hyannis will have a 6pm start time on the 4th of July to cooperate with the 9pm Hyannis harbor fireworks.