Welcome to the New CodBall.com

by Greg in

Welcome to the new look for CodBall. Take a minute to change your favorites (if it isn’t already) from codball.blogspot.com to simply codball.com. Thanks to Andrew, we’ve migrated to a site that will provide us with more flexibility and functionality. What does that mean?

First, check out the new Field Locator, which you can access from the top navigation bar. This was an idea I had early in our collaboration, and Andrew actually has the skills to make it happen. I like the “hybrid” view.

Second, the links and new functionality along the left-hand menu will make it easier for CodBall to direct you to team sites and other relevant information. And it will make it possible for us to add new features, like a podcast version of CodBall Conversations.

Take a minute to tell us what you think.