Cape Baseball League & College Transfers

by Greg in

Clayton SchunickAre college baseball players using the Cape League to showcase their talents in hope of transferring to better teams? A new CSTV report quotes an NC State coach as saying summer leagues like the Cape Cod Baseball League have given potential transfer players a place to showcase their talent for other schools. And here I thought it was all about showing off talents for MLB scouts.

Oklahoma State's Matt Mangini -- who transferred from NC State and played this past summer for Hyannis -- is a case in point. Not explained is why he moved from a preseason #28 team to a preseason #22 team. Whoa, he moved up 6 spots!

"I heard firsthand from those guys what was going on here," said NC State sophomore pitcher Clayton Shunick (Orleans), who tranferred from Georgia State to NC State. "And I knew they were going to be competing for a national championship and that was something I would like to be a part of."

Shunick played in the Cape Cod League this summer before he had decided where he was going to transfer. But while playing in the league he met three Pack players -- juniors Ryan Pond and Andrew Brackman, and sophomore Eric Surkamp -- who influenced his decision to make the move to Raleigh.

See Baseball America's chart on college transfers from back in August.