Son of Sox PR Man Named Voice of the Mets

by Greg in

mets-logo.jpgThe Scott's Shots blog reports that the new broadcast voice of the Hyannis Met is none other than Chris Blake, the college-bound son of Boston Red Sox PR Man John Blake. Blake is the Bosox' Vice President for Media Relations.

"The younger Blake is currently looking at colleges and appears to have his sights set on Northwestern and its fine Medill school of journalism," according to David Scott's blog. "We’re going to suggest that the Medill mavens accept the younger Blake - it’s not often a kid under 20 starts broadcasting in the nation’s finest summer league. We even got the chance to meet Chris this morning and the kid has pipes, enthusiasm and passion."

Early in this new year I have seen a number of young people recruited as interns in the CCBL, but this is a more significant addition to the roster.

The Cape Cod Baseball Network is a favorite of mine, allowing fans to follow live games from their computers or from their cell phones.