Chatham A's Post 2007 Roster

by Greg in

as-logo.jpgWell, with just 80 days remaining until Opening Day of the Cape Cod Baseball League, we now have 80 percent of the team rosters posted. Chatham surprised its fans this week by posting its team roster earlier in the pre-season than usual. Our friend Dave B. provides some helpful insights into the '07 Chatham roster:

"Not surprisingly, there is the usual University of North Carolina influence with 4 Tar Heels gracing the Chatham roster. There are also 4 UCLA players on the early-season roster. There have not been a lot of Bruins in Chatham in the past, but this is John Savage's third year as the UCLA coach since leaving UC Irvine after the 2004 season. There had been a pipeline between UC Irvine and Chatham in the past, so with Savage established at UCLA now, it is likely that we will be seeing more UCLA players coming to Chatham in the future."

Only Harwich and Orleans remain unposted. The Harwich roster site has claimed for a couple of weeks now that the roster is "coming soon."