Wall Street Journal on Baseball Blogs and Business

by Greg in

This weekend's edition of The Wall Street Journal devotes quite a bit of space to baseball on the eve of MLB's Opening Day.The front page article examines the growing scarcity (and hence the increasing cost) of snagging an MLB Opening Day ticket. Another article reviews this season's new baseball books. From a Cape Cod Baseball League perspective, I found both articles interesting. The Cape League offers a quality evening of baseball for families at an astonishingly low cost. So while professional baseball continues to drive prices upward, the Cape League continues to offer a quality baseball experience for price of a donation. The book reviews are notable for one very interesting book and one that is critical of baseball blogs like CodBall. The The Baseball Economist: The Real Game Exposed appears to be my kind of book, one that imbues meaning in all the angles of baseball by examining the economics and statistics behind that underlie the game. Baseball and the Media: How Fans Lose in Today's Coverage of the Game is criticized in the Journal for its denigration of baseball reporting, including blogs. The Journal rightly points out that some baseball blogs "are excellent sources of information and analysis." I don’t yet count CodBall as evidence of the Journal’s support for baseball blogs, but I have cited in previous posts a number of blogs that I find much more informative than daily newspapers or broadcasts.