Is the Cape Just a "Show" League?

by Greg in

Alaska Baseball LeagueAlaska Goldpanners GM Don Dennis thinks so. Dennis is quoted saying as much in a recent newspaper article announcing that Yuba College baseball coach Tim Gloyd has accepted a job with the Alaska summer league managing the Alaska Goldpanners, an esteemed summer team that has seen a number of its players go onto the Big Leagues. “He has the unique fit to work summer baseball – Alaska League style,” Dennis said in an e-mail. “The Alaska League is no show league like the Cape Cod has become. It is a down and dirty competition among the cities, and the players get infected with that.”

I'm not sure what evidence there is that Alaska is competitive and the Cape is not. Anyone who has attended the Cape playoffs would say the CCBL is quite competitive, but also the showcase for young talent.

Andrew has one of the best overviews of the Alaska league. Click here for his Oct. 2006 post.