Cape Cod Baseball Season Previews and the Pro Draft

by Greg in

boston_globe_logo.pngWith just two weeks to go until the first pitch in the Cape Cod Baseball League, time is running out so I wanted to pass along a couple of brief observations. First off, it has been my intention to write a pre-season team review (complete with predictions), but with Orleans holding out on its roster and my own lack of time, I've not had a chance to do the full analysis on who looks strong and looks weak.

But congrats to Don Sherlock of the GateHouse News Service for his piece in the Barnstable Register. Don has a short piece on the tall players of the Y-D Red Sox. He contends the Y-D Red Sox, winners of the 2006 CCBL, will be tough to beat this year with all 9 players standing 6'3". He points out that Buster Posey (just 6'2") has decided to return to the Cape despite being offered a spot on the Team USA staff.

I hope to do some analysis in the coming week to present CodBall readers with our thoughts and predictions on the coming season.

Also approaching fast is the professional baseball draft -- June 7 from 2-6 pm. Look for it to be broadcast live on ESPN2.

My inbox is filling up hourly with articles and analysis that show the many draftees who stood out on the Cape last season -- or in seasons past.

The Boston Globe this week previewed the upcoming draft. It features Red Sox catcher Kevin Youkilis, who played on the Cape and is quoted this week on the role the Cape played in his draft:

"I was disappointed when I wasn't drafted at the end of my junior year," he explains. "So I went to the Cape Cod League, and if you can hit there, you can hit anywhere."

Baseball America this week also features the draft on its cover. "Draft Preview: In what could be a record year for lefthanders, Vanderbilt's David Price leads the way."

Finally, it appears there is a brewing argument over hamburgers in Chatham. The Cape Cod Chronicle is reporting that Chatham Athletics Association and the town's parks and recreation commission are at odds over the food that can be served at games and over kids who will be allowed to attend the team's clinic free of charge.