CodBall Conversation: John Wylde (Wareham's Mr. Baseball)

by Greg in

Listen to our interview with John Wylde, President, General Manager and Treasurer of the CCBL's Wareham Gatemen. John also is the league's statistician and the erudite voice of elite summer collegiate baseball. You cannot understand Cape Cod baseball unless you understand what John Wylde knows about Cape Cod baseball. My interview with John was a little like Luke Skywalker (me) talking with Yoda (Wylde). I walked away with the baseball equivalent of ancient Jedi philosophies and timeless wisdom.

After the interview, for example, John talked about good v. bad scorekeeping and the important role of baseball statisticians. "How do you score a man who is put-out between first and second on an attempted steal? Well, too often it's scored a 3-6 or 3-4 put-out, but it must be followed by 'FPO' [failed put out] because the catcher did not throw him out. Otherwise, the statistic is incomplete and we don't know how good that catcher is."

Mr. Wylde discussed his roster (19 of his players at the time were on College World Series teams), ballpark rennovations, Scott Gorgen and Brad Suttle, NCAA rule changes and other topics.  Enjoy.