Day 2: Perfect Day for a Perfect Game (almost)

by Greg in

ccbl-hats.JPGY-D @ Chatham -- In the bottom of the 7th inning Y-D Red Sox righ-handed pitcher Stephen Dodson (Georgia) faced left-handed batter and infilder Sean Patrick O'Brien of the Chatham A's (Virginia Tech). With one out, a perfect game hung in the balance. During the 7th inning stretch, no one had mentioned that a perfect game was still possible. Broadcasters simply pointed their camera to the outfield scoreboard, which showed the A's with nothing but zeroes (and one error). Within minutes, however, broadcasters began to snicker with a guest about the unwritten rule in baseball never to utter perfect game or no-hitter while one is in progress. As conversation flowed, however, they felt more and more emboldened.

With one swing of the bat, O'Brien drove Dodson's pitch into left field, scoring a runner, and ending the no-hitter and shutout.

And in that moment, we saw all that is wonderful about Cape league baseball. Here was a pitcher who who had the lowest ERA in the SEC until his final outing against South Carolina. And we saw a hitter who missd the entire 04-05 season with shoulder surgery. But this season for the Hokies he led his team in batting average, slugging pct and doubles. Two college stars facing off in a different context.

O'Brien's RBI single would be it for Chatham. The A's lost to the Y-D Red Sox 4-1. Shawn Sanford closed it out for the Red Sox. Gordon Beckham, also from Georgia, homered in the sixth to drive in teammate Romero.

The broadcast was excellent. Terrific banter by announcers Mike Toper and Dan D'Uva (sorry, had the wrong names on the original post). Their special guest was former Chatham A's star, Rich Sirois from UCONN. Also fun were the occassional delays in play as a result of car headlights in centerfield.

* * *

Orleans @ Hyannis -- It was a pretty day in Hyannis but it wasn't always pretty play at McKeon Field. The Mets beat the Cardinals 5-7, and the errors were aplently. The Cards committed 4 errors in the 2nd inning alone, allowing the Mets to score 3. Orleans catcher Travis Tartamella did manage to throw out Mets infielder Patrick Long at second to get out of the inning.

We saw the pitching of Tyler Stohr for the Mets. His father apparently once coached for Hyannis.

It was a sunny day in Hyannis, but windy. The wind carried Eric Reese's hit deep into the outfield for a triple in the 4th. He later scored on an RBI single by Jericho Jones (great name).

Again, the Hyannis broadcast was great. I did learn why announcers called last night a disaster. Apparently last night the broadcast was knocked off the air for awhile.

* * *

Harwich @ Wareham -- I only caught the end of this game. The Mariners beat the Gatemen 3-0. Harwich managed 9 hits to Wareham's 2. Dan Hudson of Old Dominion got the win and Kendal Volz of Baylor got the loss. Apparently the Mariner's middle reliever Evan Crawford had 7 strike-outs during his 3 innings. Harwich pitching is off to a great start. Last night, the M's Danny Farquhar had 11 strike-outs.

On the broadcast front, I was very impressed with Wareham's camera angle. It's close behind home plate so you can see pitch location and even curves. The bad news is that because it's so close, it's hard to follow the action on a hit because the camera cannot move quickly enough to catch an out at first, etc.