Welcome to CodBall!

by Greg in

Guv Fuller Field (Falmouth, MA)This week we began a limited advertising effort to invite new readers to join this growing online community of Cape Cod Baseball League fans, players, scouts and managers. If you're not familiar with our website, CodBall is devoted to baseball fans -- on the Cape but also around the world. Why? Because what happens in Cape league baseball will help to shape the game everywhere. The Cape is where so many major leaguers played just before they were drafted into professional baseball. The typical CodBall reader knows that today's player for the Boston Red Sox may have played in Triple-A Pawtucket but he came from a top college baseball program somewhere in the US, and was likely drafted one summer while playing for one of the 10 Cape Cod Baseball League Teams.

Take a look around, and, please, tell us what you think. A blog is for reading and for sharing ideas, rants, observations. If you're just getting started on CodBall, below is a list of 10 places start on our blog:

  1. The 2006 season review: Where to start? Why not at the beginning of our blog. Check out the first post, which happened to be at the end of last August.
  2. 2007 season preview: Earlier this month we previewed the season, now in its first week. How did we do?
  3. The business of summer baseball: We pride ourselves on being a year-round blog, a report that looks at every aspect of the game. In this post we look at the money and business behind summer collegiate baseball, which continues to grow nationally.
  4. Cape competitors: That growth in summer collegiate baseball is stimulating more and more competition for great players and fan base. Look at the New England Collegiate Baseball League and the Alaska Baseball League.
  5. CodBall Conversations: With over 4,000 subscribers now, our Podcast – "CodBall Conversation" – brings voices of the game and different perspectives to augment our writing. Andrew and I have just posted a new Podcast this week.
  6. Field locator: Need help locating where the games are being played? Take a look at Andrew’s handy field locator.
  7. Book reviews: The Cape Cod Baseball League is one of the most storied baseball leagues in the world. Books, DVDs and movies continue to chronicle and feature baseball on the Cape.
  8. Games: We can’t cover every game this season. But we do like writing about the games we see and the players we grow to admire. Hopefully our perspectives on the games can supplement the excellent reporting in local newspapers and the league itself.
  9. About: Oh, yeah. You might like to know who writes this thing. We get help from brothers, my son, friends and others who guest blog for us, but Andrew and I do the day-to-day work. Our bios aren’t very interesting and not even very current, but take a look at who we are.
  10. All-Star Game: The Cape All-Star game is a happening. We even have a count-down on our main page to the day of the game. Last year’s All-Star game generated some tensions but this year’s game promises to be a great day in Wareham. Hope to see you all there. Andrew and I will have our CodBall t-shirts on so look for us.

So take a look around let us know what you think. There are lots of hidden gems I didn't highlight.