Cape League Enters the Blogosphere

by Greg in

ccbl-hats.JPGFor the past several seasons, I couldn't understand why there were more books and DVDs about the Cape Cod Baseball League than there were online sources of information and commentary. The league and its teams have great websites, but we were looking for something different. That's why we started CodBall -- to provide a site year-around for news, commentary and information about a league that has been so important to baseball for so long.

Well the dearth is no more. It seems each week Andrew and I are discovering a new blog or website devoted to the Cape Cod Baseball League.

The Cape Cod Times has started an interesting and informative blog and an improved Sports section devoted to the Cape league. It was much needed. Will Bussiere, a league insider, is writing a blog for the Times that has provided so far some very insightful analysis on topics we love here at CodBall such as rules about rosters, scoring and statistics and behind the scenes anecdotes. Take the time to visit this blog. It's worthwhile.

We see the enthusiasm the league inspires on a new blog with the creative title, "Right Field Fog." Its author, Will, is clearly having fun chronicling the league's activities.

Cape Prospect has great potential. Derek K., its author, appears to be just getting started, but his work reminds me of, a helpful site for examining prospective talent. I like the site because it is starting to play with some statistical analysis of things like park factors. Take a look.

Wareham Wicked deserves an honorable mention here for creativity alone. This is a local website that tries to cover everything local, especially the Wareham Gatemen. They promise in one piece to provide an all-access pass to this year's All-Star game in Wareham. We can't wait to see their coverage.

The College Baseball Blog, while not devoted to the Cape League, is a great source of information about the players and college teams that feed the Cape League. It is chalk full of great content.

Summer Ball is devoted to all of the summer college baseball leagues. It too has great content and is worth a sustained visit.

Back in November I wrote a post about my top 11 websites then that provide information about the Cape league. Those have changed somewhat since then. I could probably put togther a top 20 list at this stage. Hooray!