Day 31: Bourne @ Y-D

by Andrew in

The two best teams in the league faced off Sunday night at Red Wilson Field behind D-Y High School. The summer sun turned to overcast right before this game began and the wind was blowing hard toward left field, which allowed for many home runs at one of the best parks to hit home runs at. Bourne's Josh Satin (Cal-Berkeley; pictured left batting) hit his 4th, Y-D's Gordon Beckham went yard for his league-leading 8th home run, and Y-D's Joey Railey (San Francisco) nailed his 1st of the season. Bourne fans felt cheated when this one was called a 6-5 Y-D victory after seven innings due to darkness. A controversial balk call in favor of Y-D in the 7th inning didn't help the matter. One Braves fan exclaimed "that's the only way you'll beat us!"

It was a tough night for pitching, with the two best hitting teams facing off against each other. All pitchers surrendered at least one run. Bourne starter Mitch Harris (Naval Academy) may have been pulled a bit to early. He went three innings, struck out five, and was charged with just two runs.

Early in the game it was a scary scene as a Bourne volunteer fainted on the visitor's side due to dehydration. Both team's trainers ran over to help out. An ambulance was called, and the young man was able to stand up by himself to lay down on the stretcher. CodBall wishes him a speedy recovery and we hope that everything is ok.

Bourne's Bill Perry (Hartford) had a nice 2 RBI, 2 hit night. Here's a video of him facing Y-D's Trevor Holder (Georgia). Trevor pitched three innings of relief with five strikeouts to earn the win.