A Few Thoughts.....

by Dave B. in

Some random thoughts with 32 games in the book and 12 more to go in the regular season........ Will the Cotuit Kettleers be the second team this season (Wareham being the first) to suffer a ten game losing streak ?

Are the Bourne Braves on the every-other-year plan ? The Braves played for the championship in ''03 and '05. Will they be back in the finals this year ?

We all know that the attendance figures that are reported are, at best, a guess. As CapeMan reported on July 11, I also believe some teams (hello Orleans) have gotten just a bit out of hand. Other teams seem to do a better, more realistic job at estimating their crowds. I admit I do glance at the attendance figures that are reported and it is good to see that attendance has increased almost across the board this summer. Bourne deserves better support. They have a nice facility and a solid team on the field this year. Do some of the locals stay away because of the traffic that can be on Sandwich Road on Saturday and Sunday afternoons ? Come on people, the traffic isn't that bad.

How does Ryan Perry make the all-star team ? At the time of the selections, the Orleans pitcher had a 1 - 2 record and an ERA of 4.70. I understand the 1 - 2 record may be due to a lack of support, but explain how an ERA of 4.70 is worthy of all-star status, even in a year in which more offense is being produced. Although he has allowed more than a hit for every inning pitched, the rest of his numbers aren't bad but they are not outstanding either.

Both of the catchers on the East team are from Y-D. I find it interesting that Jason Castro is the starter and Buster Posey is the back-up. Castro has a much higher batting average (.333) than Posey (.266) but they both have 2 homeruns and Posey has one more RBI. Posey (23) has caught nearly three times as many games as Castro (8). With the numbers he has produced, I'm not saying Castro isn't a worthy starter. I just find it "interesting."

In a scheduling quirk due to last Wednesday's rainouts, Chatham and Harwich will square off in three consecutive games starting today. This is an opportunity for Chatham to put a little distance between themselves and Brewster and Orleans for the second playoff spot in the East.

Speaking of the A's, Addison Johnson and Jermaine Curtis sure are fun to watch.

Sticking with Chatham for a moment, I'm thinking a lot of people feel the same as Russ Charpentier of the Cape Cod Times based on the views he expressed in his article in which he called out the members of the A's organization who may be thinking it is time to find a replacement for John Schiffner. Schiffner is a great ambassador for the Cape League and, while that alone should not be enough to keep the job, he has also developed relationships with certain schools and has produced competitive, winning teams over the years.

Even with Shooter Hunt's 5.68 ERA, Falmouth's starting rotation is very good. It is scary to think how much better it may have been with a healthy Alex Wilson in it. With their pitching, the Commodores are capable of doing some damage in any playoff series.

Wareham's Dominic de la Osa hasn't helped himself with a .132 batting average.

How unusual is it that three former temp. players from one team are picked to the All Star team ? Ben Guez, Josh Satin and Jordan Flasher were all temps for Bourne. Although not picked to the All Star team, ex-temp. Bill Perry has been a solid contributor to the Braves as well.

Cotuit's 5.16 team ERA is more than one run per game higher than the next worst staff. With pitching like that, it is difficult for Mike Roberts to play the style of ball he likes.

Enjoy the games!