Tar Heel Staff Visits Cape

by Dave B. in

Per the Chatham broadcasters........ In the next couple of days, the Chatham A's website will feature an interview with Mike Fox, head coach of the University of North Carolina Tar Heels. Fox and his staff were in Chatham for Thursday's game against Brewster. Today, the UNC staff attended the Baseball Express Cape Cod Classic in Wareham before heading to Orleans for the A's - Cardinals game. During tonight's game, they had an opportunity to see two Tar Heels match up against each other when Rob Catapano of Orleans and Rob Wooten of Chatham pitched in relief. The interview will provide some insight into the relationship between the UNC coaches and Cape League coaches. Every year there are some Tar Heels playing on the Cape. For the past few years, Chatham has had three or four UNC players on their roster. It will be interesting to hear what Fox says about his relationship with John Schiffner and the pipeline between Chapel Hill and Chatham.