Sights and Sounds from the '07 All-Star Game

by Andrew in

I arrived at game time to the All-Star Game in Wareham. As I was driving in at about 5:30pm, the national anthem was being played and I was being directed by volunteers to park in one of the last few spots in the back of Wareham High School. I was reminded of the large Wareham crowds at the playoffs last season. Make sure to watch the All-Star Game on NESN at 7pm on Monday night.

Here is a video of Dennis Raben's Home Run:


And here is a video of the controversial call at the top-of-the 9th. It appears to be an infield fly but I did not hear it called by any of the umpires and I will watch NESN tomorrow out of curiosity to see if it was ever called. The fact that the ball was caught outside the infield does not matter as per the definition of the Infield Fly Rule:

Any fair fly ball that could have been caught by an infielder with ordinary effort is covered by the rule, regardless of where the ball was caught. [Wikipedia]

The East didn't end up needing any extra runs, but Manager John Schiffner (Chatham) looks like he wanted some insurance: