CodBall Conversation: Jim Collins (Author of The Last Best League)

by Greg in

Andrew and I caught up this past week with Jim Collins, author of The Last Best League which chronicles a season in the Cape Cod Baseball League. A number of books examine the storied Cape league, but Jim's narrative account of an entire Cape season is an enjoyable journalistic telling of the players, managers and dynamics of elite collegiate summer baseball. I would go so far as to say it's a must-read for any serious baseball fan regardless of the level of baseball that interests you.

CodBall sat down with Jim beneath a big tent behind home plate in Wareham during the middle of the 2007 All-Star game. Jim is a perfect blend of kindness and intensity. He happily accepted our offer for an interview on the spot and leaned into the questions with enthusiasm and knowledge.

In this interview, we ask Jim how the 2002 story of the league might be written differently if he were researching and writing it today (less access, he fears). Twice published in a collection of the best American sportswriting, Collins also reflects on his techniques as a writer and his favorite baseball writers. He also provides an audio "afterword" for the book.

Listen to our conversation with Jim Collins, and let us know what you think.