Leaving the Cape Early

by Dave B. in

A hot topic in Cape League baseball every year is players leaving early after All-Star weekend (and the peak season for scouts). On one side of the coin, we should be grateful to see the best players in the country on the Cape every season. Some players have been playing ball non-stop since the late winter, and deserve a chance for a short break to see their friends and families before heading back to school. Some also have legitimate reasons ranging from fatigue, injuries, and maybe even university-related activities.

On the other side, these players signed a contract and knew that the season could extend to August 15th. Volunteers, house-parents, families, fans, other players, coaches, and kids have poured their heart into teams across the Cape and deserve no less than to have their respective teams play the best that they can. In early August, nearly two-thirds of the teams are still competing for playoff spots.

Should players be allowed to leave early? If not, how could players be enticed to stay? How could the number of players leaving be lessened? Please post your thoughts and be careful not to name specific players.

EDITOR'S NOTE (8/3): This post has been modified from its original form and some comments have been removed. CodBall apologizes for any one that was offended by the original post.