Playoff Schedule Speculation

by Andrew in

In the East:

  1. Y-D Red Sox (#1 in the nation)
  2. Chatham A's (#5 in the nation)

Shaking HandsChatham technically needs one more win or tie to secure their spot. They are 9-1 in their last 10 games and have 5 games left. I am going to go out on a limb and say they will do it. Here is the likely playoff schedule:

  • Fri 8/10 Chatham @ Y-D 3pm
  • Sat 8/11 Y-D @ Chatham 7pm
  • Sun 8/12 Chatham @ Y-D 3pm (if necessary)

Chatham is 2-1 vs. Y-D in July. Make sure to attend the game today (4:30pm @ Y-D) for a playoff preview!

Now, the West:

  1. Bourne Braves (#4 in the nation)
  2. Falmouth Commodores (#12 in the nation) or Hyannis Mets (NR)

With the Commodores struggling in their last 10 match-ups (5-5), you can't count the Mets (7-3 in their last 10) out. Both teams have 4 games left and Falmouth is up 4 points (2 wins). The following situations would lead to a play-in game on August 9th: 3 Hyannis wins, 1 Falmouth win; 4 Hyannis wins, 2 Falmouth wins; 2 Hyannis wins, 0 Falmouth wins. If fans are lucky, it will come down to an exciting match-up on August 8th with Falmouth hosting the Mets at 7pm.

That said, it seems more likely that Falmouth will pull this one out. This would lead to the following playoff schedule:

  • Fri 8/10 Falmouth @ Bourne 3pm
  • Sat 8/11 Bourne @ Falmouth 8pm
  • Sun 8/12 Falmouth @ Bourne 3pm (if necessary)