NCAA Baseball Rules and the Cape League

by Greg in

NCAAA little over two months ago, CodBall reported on the implications of NCAA rule changes for the Cape Cod Baseball League.  This morning the Cape Cod Times sports page picks up on the NCAA rule changes with a report on players leaving the Cape early to attend summer school, a move that is necessary for some to maintain their academic qualifications at their respective college or university. I may have missed earlier CC Times coverage of these critical NCAA rule changes.  I would be surprised if this was the first time they reported on these changes.  But I was surprised to see in Matt Gelb's report this morning that some Cape GMs were unaware of the NCAA changes.  Here's what Matt reported:

Most league general managers were unfamiliar with the new legislation and believe it will be a hot topic of conversation this winter.

I reported back in June on this, but what's not included in today's news report is my further speculation that these rule changes could be good news for the many other regional summer baseball leagues.  Put another way, if I'm a player who needs to stay in school over the summer, why not go to summer school and play summer ball in a league closer to home?  The West Coast Collegiate Baseball League or the Southern Collegiate Baseball League, for example.

I have mentioned this casually to baseball officials in the past and they have shared this concern (and hope in the case of some).

We may try to interview an NCAA official in the offseason to discuss how these rule changes have affected players so far.