Divisional Playoff Schedule Announced

by Dave B. in

The Cape Cod Baseball League has announced the schedule for the divisional playoffs. In the East: Y-D will host Chatham on Friday, 8/10 @ 3:00. On Saturday, 8/11, the scene shifts to Chatham for a 7:00 game. If a third game is necessary, the Red Sox will host that game at 3:00 on Sunday, 8/12 at 3:00.

The situation is still not cut and dried in the West. Falmouth and Hyannis continue to battle for second place. What is certain is that the Bourne Braves will host the Commodores or Mets in Game 1 on Friday at 3:00. If necessary, the Braves will host Game 3, on Sunday also at 3:00. If Falmouth claims second place, they will host Game 2 at 8:00 on Saturday. The later start time is likely due to the potential conflict around Fuller Field and the Falmouth Recreation Center between the ballgame and the pre-race activities for the Falmouth Road Race (as reported earlier by Greg). If Hyannis overtakes Falmouth, the Mets will host Game 2 on Saturday at 3:00.

If Falmouth beats Bourne this afternoon, or if Hyannis loses to Wareham tomorrow, the Commodores will clinch second place. A Falmouth loss combined with a Hyannis win would set up a head-to-head matchup between the Commodores and Mets at Fuller Field on Wednesday to see who goes to the playoffs. A tie in either today's or tomorrow's games could lead to the need for a play-in game between the two teams on Thursday.