Mother Nature Delays Start of Cape League Playoffs

by Dave B. in

A rainy Friday on Cape Cod has delayed the start of the Cape League playoffs. The playoff schedule has been pushed back by one day. The only other change to the schedule is, since there will not be a conflict with the Falmouth Road Race registrations, Game 2 in the West will be played at the usual start time of 7:00pm on Sunday. My understanding is that the season must be completed on or before August 15. The NCAA will never grant an exception to that rule. I'm wondering if this could cause some scrambling in the league this year ? If either divisional series goes to a third game, the championship series would not begin until Tuesday, 8/14. Just conjecture on my part, but if the championship series goes to Game 3, this could lead to Games 2 and 3 being played on Wednesday, 8/15.

In 1996, Chatham and Falmouth squared off for the championship under similar circumstances. Game 2 was played in Chatham in the afternoon. Game 3 was scheduled to be played later that evening in Falmouth. Chatham won the championship by winning the afternoon game, and thus prevented both teams from having to head to Fuller Field for a deciding third game. None of this will matter if the divisional playoffs both end in two games. I'm sure other options are being discussed.

Not that I trust the meteorologists, but the forecast is calling for a chance of rain on Monday. I'm getting ahead of things, but if that happens, things could become more interesting regarding the schedule.