Johnny Ayers Continues to Amaze

by Greg in

Boston Herald photoSteve Conroy of the Boston Herald reported this summer on the phenom that is Johnny Ayers. I hadn't realized Ayers was also a collegiate punter.  Here's a synopsis of Conroy's report. The punter is not usually one of the best-known players on a football team, at least not on a good one.

But Boston College punter Johnny Ayers got his fair share of ink over the offseason. That’s what happens when you welcome the latest addition to Red Sox [team stats] Nation with a slap double, as Ayers did against Daisuke Matsuzaka in March as a member of the Eagles baseball team.

While playing for Yarmouth-Dennis of the Cape Cod Baseball League this summer, that hit made Ayers a mini-celebrity.

“I heard a lot about it this summer on the Cape,” said the bemused Virginia native yesterday. “There are a lot of Red Sox fans on the Cape. I even signed a couple of balls for charity. And I don’t think my signature is worth anything, but apparently a couple of people found it a novelty and hopefully it made some money for charity. . . . A lot of BC grads have come up to me and said, ‘Congratulations, but you had us worried for a minute.’ Luckily, he’s had a good year and the Red Sox have, too, so I was just a blip on their radar.”