CodBall Media Notes

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My post-season Internet search engines are stumbling across lots of interesting tidbits about the summer circuit, coaches and movies.  Here's a round-up. Summer CatchA long baseball roadtrip is a dream for any baseball fan.  Chris Ballard writes for Sports Illustrated about a great summer baseball roadtrip he took with a buddy.

(Photo:  From the movie Summer Catch.  See below what's on the top list of ladies' favorite sports movies.)

His first stop was to a Northwoods League summer collegiate baseball game between the Eau Claire Express and the Madison Mallards.  His article describes the Northwoods League as being a Cape Cod-like league that uses a wooden bat and family friendly environment.  He says "family-friendly" but then goes on to describe a lot of beer drinking at games (not that there's anything wrong with that).

Next summer I'll have to visit some other summer collegiate leagues to compare talent, experience, etc.

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Northeastern University announced that former Harwich Mariners pitching coach Justin Gordon has been named assistant coach of the Huskies baseball team.  CodBall has reported on Cape League coaches being recruited at other university baseball programs.

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Summer Catch, Hollwood's take on the Cape Cod Baseball League, is Entertainment Online's #2 "Sports Movies Made for Ladies."  Ok, I can hear the sound of CodBall readers logging-off everywhere. 

EOnline's Reel Girl writes:

"I can hear you groaning. Cardboard-ish Freddie Prinze Jr. is at his most cardboard. Jessica Biel is on a phone miles from set, delivering her role as the cheesy girlfriend of the baseball player with an attitude. And you know what? I don't care. And it's not just because it's set in my hometown of Cape Cod. Summer waxes poetic about home runs and head troubles in a way that would make Babe Ruth pound his fist."