Rockies' Atkins and Phillies' Utley: A Cape League Friendship

by Greg in

The baseball world awaits the Colorado Rockies' entrance at the 2007 World Series like the prince awaits Cinderella's entrance at the ball.  With all of these late Mountain time games the clock will certainly strike midnight around the 5th inning. As we wait for Cinderella's ball (I mean the World Series), Denver's Rocky Mountain News has stumbled upon the story of two old Cape Cod Leaguers, one of whom is the Rockies' very own Garrett Atkins.  The Rocky Mountain News  story is short on Cape details so leave it to CodBall to fill those in for you. 

The RMN story details the friendship of Atkins and Philadelphia Phillies star Chase Utley.  Utley and Atkins were UCLA teammates who went to the Cape Cod Baseball League and played for the same team.  That's where the Rocky Mountain News ends its Cape League reporting.

The facts are that both played for Cotuit in the summer of 1999 and both played for the West (which won) in the 1999 Cape League All-Star game at Wareham.  They went on to win the 1999 CCBL championship.  Atkins actually got the West's MVP award in the All-Star game as well as the playoff MVP award, and Utley made some noise also as reported on the League website:

Decided upon by the more than 60 scouts in attendance, both the East and West MVPs were first basemen. For the East, (Mark) Teixeira went two for four with a homerun and two RBI. For the West, Atkins displayed the same penchant for producing in big games that would later win him play-off MVP honors, finishing All-Star Game day two for three with two walks, a double and two RBI,

Utley also made the report:

Showing some life in the bottom of the sixth, the West managed two runs on back-to-back sacrifice flies from Gatemen DH Phil Hartig (Citadel) and Cotuit 2B Chase Utley (UCLA)