How will the 2008 College World Series Impact the Cape Cod League?

by Greg in

cws-in-omaha.jpgWith its traditional start around mid-June, the Cape Cod Baseball League is sandwiched between the end of the NCAA regular season and the start of fall semester classes.  Each summer the College World Series plays for a few weeks after the CCBL season gets underway, humming away like background music from Omaha, Nebraska.   I received this week my latest issue of the National Collegiate Baseball Writers Newsletter.  In it I noted that the NCAA announced back in August the 2008 College World Series format.  The CWS will start on Saturday, June 14, and will conclude on either June 24th or 25th.

The Cape Cod Baseball League, which started last season on June 15, seems forever to be waiting on the arrival of some of the most competitive players from top teams competing in the CWS.  Falmouth, for example, was in the cellar until a few of the College World Series champs from Oregon State arrived. Falmouth went on a tear after their arrival and eventually played in the CCBL championship series.

The NCAA College World Series continues to grow in popularity, setting a new attendance record of 310,609 and generating revenues from broadcasts on ESPN.