Cape's NPR station and CodBall Team Up

by Greg in

npr.gifAndrew and I are very proud to inform readers of CodBall and listeners to Cape Cod NPR that we are teaming up on coverage and commentary for the Cape Cod Baseball League. WCAI (90.1, 91.1, and 94.3 on your FM dial) last season broadcast the 2007 CCBL All-Star game and interviewed me just prior to the league's playoffs. Starting immediately we will cross-promote each others' website and deepen coverage of summer baseball on the Cape. "Our listeners enjoy quality news, analysis and commentary about a wide variety of topics that are important to people on Cape Cod, including the Cape's national reputation for summer baseball," said WCAI broadcast director and managing editor Steve Young. "The WCAI website is a great portal for citizens to explore and discuss life on the Cape. And the CodBall site is a great portal for fans of the Cape League to keep in touch year-round. We're proud to be associated with this amazing blog site."