Richardson Finds Cape Baseball Good for Resume but "Backbreaking" for Memory

by Greg in

richardson.jpgThe campaign folks at Bill Richardson for President still have not responded to our invitation for an interview about the Governor's pitching experience on Cape Cod. But the campaign continues to promote Richardson's credentials as a bona fide pitcher in the premier summer collegiate baseball league. In his latest comments, Richardson has given the Cape a sort of back-handed compliment. When the Associated Press asked what were the worst jobs candidates for president had, Richardson pointed to his time laying sod on the Cape.

"Backbreaking work," Democrat Bill Richardson said of his summer of laying sod on Cape Cod. A banker's son and Tufts University sophomore, he worked for a meager wage to cover room and board while pitching in the Cape Cod Baseball League in 1967. "The pay was terrible," said Richardson, now New Mexico governor. "And I think the minimum wage at the time was under two dollars." (It was $1.40 or less, depending on the work.)