Midwinter (Random) Musings on Baseball

by Greg in

super-bowl-sunday-globe.jpgSuper Bowl Sunday is a day of absolute joy for me.  Sure, I am mildly interested in the outcome of the NFL's championship (Giants over Pats), but I am wildly enthusiastic about the end of football season and the start of baseball.  Pre-season trades continue, pitchers and catchers will soon report to MLB's training camps and major college baseball games will start at the end of this month. Even my son's travel team has started to train.

Baseball America's pre-season rankings has four Pac-10 teams in the top-10.  I will get to see several of these teams by just driving across the bridge to the University of Washington.  Speaking of West Coast college baseball, Hall of Famer George Brett and his brothers purchased the Bellingham affiliate of the West Coast Collegiate Baseball League this past week.  Summer college ball continues to heat up out here in the Pacific Northwest.

A couple of posts I look forward to this month are:

  • Our next CodBall Conversation will be with Cape Cod Baseball League President Judy Scarafile.  I have obviously followed Judy's enormous contributions to the league over the past several decades.  But nothing prepared me for what an impressive human being she is.  We look forward to bringing you another WCAI/NPR conversation and podcast with Judy Scarafile.
  • Andrew and I have never published rules or anything close to rules for this blog.  But last season a few heated arguments erupted on CodBall and so I've had a draft, "Note to Readers" in the works for several months.  We pride ourselves on civil discourse on this blog.  I want this to be a place where folks can express themselves, but without name-calling.  So we'll try to get this note published in February -- way ahead of the season.  If you have any suggestions on how to make this a great space for talking baseball please let me know and we'll get it into the note.
  • This morning I watched with my son the 2004 movie Mickie starring Harry Connick Jr.  Man, this a complex baseball film.  It is basically a movie about a boy's bid to make it to the Little League World Series in Williamsport.  In this age of steroid investigations and recriminations, this movie explains a lot.  No, there are no steroids in this movie, but there is greed, lying, cheating...and in the final seconds, justice.  This movie is billed as a family film.  Like all family films, be sure to watch it with  your child.  Hollywood ethics need to be kept in check.