Lights At Doran Park

by Dave B. in

Storm Approaches Doran ParkOur friend CapeMan has brought to our attention that there is a plan to have lights at Doran Park for this coming season. This was mentioned in another post, but I thought it worthy of its own posting at CodBall. Thank-you for the heads-up, CapeMan. This came as a surprise to me. I had heard about the plan to install lights at Doran Park, but I never thought that would happen this year. I think the playing surface at Doran is one of best around. To see that field at night, well... it should look fantastic.

The Bourne Braves website quotes General Manager Mike Carrier as saying “Imagine the stream of traffic coming over the bridge on a Friday night seeing lights at a ball field off in the distance and stopping to take in a game and learn more about Bourne.” I'm thinking those people coming over the Bourne Bridge on a Friday night are in a hurry to get to where they are staying for the weekend and to unload their cars, but that's just me sharing an opinion right after I said I was going to be more careful about doing that ! Seriously, Doran Park is a gem and the addition of lights at that facility will only enhance it. Hopefully attendance will increase at Braves games.

Congratulations to the Bourne Braves, Upper Cape Cod Regional Vocational Technical HS, and all other parties for making this happen. I have watched the Bourne Canalmen play at Keith Field with its approximately 250' distance down the rightfield line. I have seen the Braves play at Mass. Maritime Academy (I'm in the minority, but I enjoyed games there), and I watched them play at Coady School Field (nothing good to say about THAT place, so I won't say anything at all). The Bourne Braves have only moved a few miles from MMA, to the Coady School, and now to Doran Park, but they have come a LONG way over the years.