Performing Arts Center Proposed Near McKeon

by Andrew in

Hyannis MapBig changes are headed for Hyannis. The organization is one of six that may be forced by Major League Baseball to change their name (see the Cape Cod Times article and comments in a recent post), lights return to McKeon this season, and there is a proposal for a $57 million performing arts center nearby. Behind McKeon, there is a smaller gravel field (pictured). Beyond that field's fence in center field is an informal camp for homeless people. Behind the camp, is the famous Hyannis Armory, which is on the National Register of Historic Places. John F. Kennedy gave his acceptance speech at the Armory on November 6, 1960 (watch the video on YouTube). The proposal for the arts center includes tearing down the Hyannis Armory.

It's interesting to think how a new arts center in this location would impact games in Hyannis. The arts center would be within 600 feet of McKeon Park. Would events at the art center compete with the Mets? Would Mets fans be serenaded during games like Chatham fans? Could the parking lot supplement playoff game crowds or Ocean Street events (e.g. 4th of July Fireworks)?

(Story and Map from Jeff Blanchard's blog)