The '08 Chatham A's

by Dave B. in

as-logo.jpg The Chatham A's announced their pre-season roster last night: All of the rosters will change between now and the start of the season but Chatham's roster will change dramatically. They list 28 players - 16 pitchers and only 12 positional players. They have the potential to have a very deep and talented pitching staff.

There are nine members of the '07 A's returning this summer. Brad Boxberger, who played for rival Orleans last year, is moving a few miles down Rte. 28 from Eldredge Park to Veterans Field this year. Boxberger was picked to the East all-star team last year but did not play due to an injury. He was also one of Baseball America's Top 30 prospects for the league last year.

Chatham's roster has four players from USC, and three each from UCLA, Baylor, and San Diego. As is usually the case, the Univ. of North Carolina will be well represented in Chatham with four Tar Heels expected to arrive.

The pitching staff could be very good. Returning pitchers invited back to Chatham include Charles Brewer, Gavin Brooks, Kevin Couture, Jeff Lorick, Tom Milone and Alex White. Milone won the Whitehouse Award as the league's Outstanding Pitcher in '07.

A's management seems to have put this roster together knowing that at least five or six of those sixteen pitchers will never make it to Chatham. Even so, the staff could be very strong. Kyle Blair, Matt Harvey, Justin Marks and Jacob Thompson all have impressive resumes.

Kyle Seager (2B), Gregg Glime (C) and the exciting Addison Johnson (OF) are also back for another year on the Cape.

On March 10th, the A's look very strong. Keep in mind though, last March I thought that Wareham had a team that would compete for the championship. We all know how that worked out as the Gatemen struggled all year and finished in last place in the West.