A new look in Falmouth

by Greg in

We’ve had a little fun over the past year or so watching my home team, the Falmouth Commodores, choose which logo it will sport on its hat each season.  Well, General Manager Dan Dunn has confirmed for CodBall readers that by popular demand the Commodores team is dropping the ‘C’ so that the ‘F’ for Falmouth can stand alone.  For the past couple of seasons the team has donned, "FC" atop its sombrero.

I started to title this: "Falmouth cuts the 'C'" to accompany my previous headline, "What the 'F'?'  But I decided otherwise.

The Commodores will keep its basic look this season.  Falmouth will have three uniforms – the traditional black for the road, white sleeveless for home and a light weight maroon for Sundays and hot days.

Dan reports the team will introduce a new home uniform in 2009.

He also noted the team will hit with pink bats on June 28th against the Y-D Red Sox in support of cancer research.  Both teams will sell the pink bats at auction to raise money for cancer research.  Thanks, Homer!