Hoef Takes His Lumps

by Greg in

Iowa Hawkeye Kevin Hoef, the Cape League All-Star and batting leader who played second for the Bourne Braves last season, is the subject of an interesting milestone.  It seems Hoef has been hit by no fewer than 47 pitches over his playing career with Iowa. CodBall missed asking Kevin about this phenomenon when we interviewed him for a CodBall Conversation last season.

Hawk Central has some great quotes:

“I probably have the most hours spent in the training room,” he said. “That’s not a good stat to have.”

“It’s amazing how he stands in there,” Iowa coach Jack Dahm said. “A lot of guys when pitches are thrown at them are going to back out, especially when they’re going at your knee or ankle. Kevin’s got that mentality that he’s not going to get out of the way, no matter what. It’s allowed him to get on base quite a bit, and it’s been a benefit to our program, but he’s definitely taken a beating.”