Bizarro Baseball? I don't think so

by Greg in

Sports Illustrated, in one of its better cover stories in years, picks up on the youth movement in Major League Baseball, which of course is rooted in elite summer college leagues like the Cape Cod Baseball League. With the Tampa Bay Devil Rays rising to the top of the MLB, young pitchers like Tim Lincecum racking up wins and Ryan Braun racking up contract money, SI devotes its May 26 cover story to the fact that "bottom-feeders are powerhouses, powerhouses are bottom-feeders, obscure players are putting up cartoon numbers; welcome of the season of the Bizarro Supermen."

These Supermen they write about are mostly ex-Cape Leaguers.  Braun, Ellsbury, Lincecum, Ryan Theriot, Brian Wilson.  As you can see from earlier posts on CodBall, these players all played on the Cape.

Why doesn't SI take a closer look at how these guys came up through major college and summer ball?  Bizarro baseball?  If these players are supermen, surely their kryptonite is somewhere on the Cape.