Preseason Team Reviews and Cotuit Baseball Cards

by Greg in

June has finally arrived and the Cape Cod Baseball League season is just around the corner.  For many players the road to the Cape stops first in Omaha for the College World Series.  I filled in my brackets over the weekend -- all but the championship round! This time of year is also when we start seeing pre-season, team-by-team reviews.  Bourne, Cotuit, Falmouth and Y-D are currently available on the League website.  And if there is a better preseason roundup than what Will has undertaken over at Right Field Fog I haven't seen it.  Nice work, Will.  Time permitting, CodBall will have it's preseason review in the coming week to 10 days.

The new Cotuit Ketleer baseball cards are available.  I bought last year's cards (they are really nice and a great gift item for anyone interested in baseball.)  See the note CodBall received below for details:

Hi Kettleers Fans,   2007 Cotuit Kettleers Baseball Card Team Sets are now available.  We ask for a $25 donation for each 2007 Cotuit Kettleers team set plus $5 shipping for a total of $30 for each team set.  Please let me know how many sets you are interested in and then you can send me a check at the address below for $30 for each set made payable to the "Cotuit Athletic Association" ($25 donation for one Cotuit Kettleers team set plus $5 shipping) with your name and address and we'll complete the donation transaction.  Thank you again.   We still have 2006 Cotuit Kettleers Baseball Card Team Sets available, same terms as above.

Paul M. Logan, Vice President Cotuit Athletic Association/Cotuit Kettleers 136 Whitmar Road Cotuit, MA 02635