Draft 2008: Why not more Pedro Alvarez's on the Cape?

by Greg in

Three years ago Pedro Alvarez, who Baseball America tonight predicts will be the number 2 pick in the 2008 Draft, could have signed with the Boston Red Sox.  Instead, because of a deep education ethic in his family, Alvarez refused the nearly one million dollars out of high school in order to attend Vanderbilt University to play baseball.  Today, an economics major with a reported 3.0 grade point average, the hard-hitting third baseman is expected to sign this week for an estimated $7 million and will lack just a few credits to complete his college education. CodBall has written before about the importance of attracting more African American and Latino players to the Cape.  But in order to play on the  Cape, you have to be a great college baseball player.  In order to be a great college baseball player, you have to be in college.  Pedro Alvarez -- a great baseball player -- also shows us it's possible to be a great college student.

Good luck Pedro, and good luck to all of the former Cape League players who are up for the draft this year.  We'll report after tomorrow on the big signings -- Buster Posey, Justin Smoak (see CodBall Converations), Aaron Crow, Conor Gillaspie (see CodBall Conversation) et al.