Final Rosters Set

by Dave B. in

July 2 is an important date for players and coaches in the Cape Cod League.   This is the day team's final rosters are set.   Obviously, there have been some anxious moments for many temp players over the past few days.   Will I be staying ?   Can I hook on with another Cape League team if my present team can't keep me ?   Will I be packing up and looking for another team in another league ? I'm sure this is not a fun time for the coaches and General Manager's either.   Relationships have been formed over the past three weeks.   Probably one of the least pleasant parts of the job is to have to tell a player who has worked hard that you don't have any room on the roster for him and you have to release him.

There will still be some roster maneuvering as the season goes on as teams bring in players to replace injured players, or players who leave the Cape for whatever reason.   With few exceptions though, everyone who is coming to the Cape this summer is now here.   Dustin Ackley (Harwich) and Kyle Seager (Chatham) are two players who made their season debuts last night.   Alex White is expected to arrive in Chatham in a few days but his spot is being held on the A's active roster so he does count toward the maximum number of players allowed on the roster.   There are likely other players in the same situation as White. 

Check the lineups over the next few days and I'm sure you will see quite a few players who were dropped from the Team USA roster, or who's team went deep into the CWS, playing in their first game of the season.   For others, we will see the dreaded "X" next to their name on the "Team Stats" page.   Here's hoping that some of the temp players who have been contributors to their teams early in the season are able to stay on the Cape and shine throughout the rest of the summer.