Day 23: Bourne @ Hyannis--Game on!

by Andrew in

Rain at McKeon Park Just a quick update live from Hyannis: The rain seems to have passed, but the Braves secured the lead back in the 3rd. Dusty Coleman (Wichita State) hit a 2-run triple and Stephen Batts (East Carolina) followed with a 2-run double. The score is 5-0 Bourne in the 5th. Hyannis fireworks are still scheduled after the game.

UPDATE (10:00pm): Bourne wrapped up this game 6-1, after Hyannis salvaged a run in the 9th inning rain. To top it off, the fireworks from Hyannis harbor were masked by clouds. Overall, a disappointing night. But, I'm not one to complain about free entertainment.