Change in Brewster

by Dave B. in

Apologies in advance if this has already been reported on CodBall. It was reported back on August 13 in the Cape League Insider by Russ Charpentier that Bob Macaluso is out as manager of the Brewster Whitecaps. I recently returned from a couple weeks on the Cape and have read through the postings and comments on CodBall and did not see this mentioned so I thought I would post this info even though it is apparently "old news." Here is the story.....  "According to commissioner Paul Galop, Brewster Whitecaps manager Bob Macaluso won't return in 2009. Galop said he didn't know the reason for the Macaluso-Whitecaps split. Macaluso managed Brewster for six seasons. The Cal-Irvine assistant had a three-game suspension this season after a postgame dispute with an umpire."  

I find it interesting that the announcement of Macaluso's departure has not been noted on the Whitecaps website but instead was made by the commissioner.