A Belated Look Back at the '08 Cape League

by Greg in

Normally we post about the season that was much sooner than September.  This will not be the normal comprehensive season-in-review we've done in the past.  Perhaps CodBall commentors can add to these reflections for a more complete and balanced look back. As I relaxed this morning with a cup of coffee to review the end of season stats, I found myself looking for gaps and patterns that tell a story or differentiate one team or one organizaiton from another.  Here's my quick gap analysis:

  • CodBall readers are somewhere between skeptical and harsh when it comes to attendance reports.  So I take my life in my hands when I notice that about 28,000 fans separate Bourne from Orleans.   Orleans reported 48,591 fans.  Bourne just 20,730.  Bourne fans were treated to special players this year as you will see below.  I suppose it doesn't really matter how accurate these estimates are, but I suspect advertisers and sponsors would like to know a truer number.
  • The symmetry in point gaps between the top and bottom of both the East and West was interesting.  Fifteen points separated the best from the worst in both the East and the West.
  • Brandon Workan's (Wareham) 67 strikeouts compared with second place finisher Bryce Stowell (Bourne) stood out to me.
  • Marc Krauss' (Bourne) .473 on-base-percentage also stands out.  Second place's Tommy Medica (Harwich) at .462 was impressive.
  • Equally, A.J. Pollock's (Falmouth) slugging percentage of .556 created a gulf above other players.
  • Jordan Henry's (Bourne) 42 runs scored was tops for the season and created some distance from the other players.
  • We became Chris Dominguez (Louisville) fans this year. Other players were close to his 22 extra base hits but his 3 in one night certainly gave us something to remember.

What are some other statistical highlights?