Lincecum Always a Mariner (Harwich, Not Seattle)

by Greg in

Always a Mariner Only in baseball.

An awkward, slim little pitcher who broke records in the Pac-10 conference for an unremarkable college team, the Washington Huskies, went on to pitch for an unremarkable Cape League team, the Harwich Mariners.

This same pitcher, raised in the rain of western Washington, is overlooked by the other lowly Mariners -- the drought-ridden Seattle Mariners -- and drafted by the nearby San Francisco Giants.

In the same year that his old Cape League Mariners win their summer session -- and the Seattle Mariners continue their disappointment -- the underdog pitcher overwhelms in San Francisco and wins the Cy Young in the National League.

Always a (Harwich) Mariner.

Congratulations, Tim Lincecum.