Nice Gesture by Y-D Red Sox

by Dave B. in

Y-D Red Sox'Tis the season of giving and the Y-D Red Sox have shown some of that holiday spirit. A week before the first scheduled game of the season, the members of the Cape Tech HS hockey team were informed that because of the economic issues that are facing all public schools, the funding for the team was not going to be available this year.

Hockey is a very expensive sport and the school administration felt that they could not justify spending $20,000 on one of their twelve varsity sports. Upon receiving this news at such a late date, the parents and players took matters into their own hands. Local businesses and individuals contributed $3,000 to the cause. The Y-D Red Sox matched that amount and with $6,000 having been collected, the Cape Tech hockey season has been saved. I thought it was important to acknowledge this very generous gift by the Y-D Red Sox and the many small businesses that do so much to help so many local organizations.